About Us

The company AEMCO works under the parent name ARONA & ELAHI MFG CO. The manufacturing of surgical instruments has a long tradition at AEMCO Instruments - keeping in mind that AEMCO was and is pure instrument manufacturer at the time when the company was founded. Our claim has remained unchanged to the present day to manufacture instruments of the highest quality.


AEMCO Instruments is a family owned and operated business that has been dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the products they need to perform their art for 40 years. Our high quality, precision crafted instruments have been an essential product line to our distributor partners for over 20 years.

We are committed to providing a product line that guarantees quality and extraordinary value to the end user as well as a level of service, satisfaction, and cooperation that has become a hallmark of AEMCO Instruments.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the medical and dental professions with high quality, cost-effective instruments. All the instruments are made of highest quality 410 or 420 stainless steel available in the market. Instruments are carried as 100% German manufactured and Japanese steel made as Economy line for our customers who wants competitive pricing but yet high quality products. We strive to match or exceed the requirements and expectations of practitioners used to spending up to three and for times as much for their instrument inventory. We pledge to provide you with the finest in materials, craftsmanship and value available in our industry. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it.

Our Quality

Our experienced and dedicated craftsmen have the most modern, state-of-the-art factory in the region. We invest in the latest German polishing, grinding, heat treatment, and etching machines that ensure that AEMCO Instruments can hold their own with even the priciest branded lines.

Each instrument begins as a so-called "blank". There are only a few certified forge shops capable of meeting our demanding specifications in terms of materials, shape and dimensions.

As a starting material, only French, German or Japanese stainless steel is used, and a recognized test certificate must accompany each steel batch. The blanks created from this raw material are documented as well. To ensure traceability as stipulated by law, the quality management systems of our suppliers are closely interlaced with our own QM system.

The technical documentation is the basis on which each product is manufactured. All manufacturing specifications are integrated into our quality management processes, thus enabling us to verify and locate product changes anytime.

Manufacturing is a batch-based process because the great variety of instruments does not permit serial production. Thus, almost all instruments are hand-made. All intermediate checks and tests are defined as steps in the process and, consequently, meticulously documented.

As regards instrument functionality and reprocessing, tempering is usually the most vital step in the manufacturing cycle. At this stage, instruments made from hardenable chromium steels receive their hardness, tenacity (toughness) and corrosion resistance. Nickel-chromium steels, in contrast, are not hardenable and therefore can be used only for special instruments.

On its way through the manufacturing cycle, each instrument must continuously pass prescribed and documented tests. Despite these rigid in-process requirements, AEMCO insists on traditional final inspection. Each instrument enters this stage with written test instructions and a test drawing against which the manufacturing batch is checked. Every step of this process is carefully documented. Only instruments that have passed this test are allowed to go on - to be marked and cleaned and then released for packing and storage.

Marking the instrument also includes affixing the valued CE-mark and FDA approved as a guarantor of quality. All products carrying this mark satisfies the essential requirements stipulated in the EU Directive relating to medical devices and comply with AEMCO's documented and validated internal product profile.

Our Promise

As we are convinced of the high quality of our surgical instruments, we offer our customers an unlimited warranty. Should a product exhibit a defect in material or workmanship despite our most careful inspection and testing, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Of course, this life-long warranty presupposes that the instruments are used for their intended purpose, reprocessed correctly and left unchanged. Normal wear and tear is also exempted from the warranty.

We always welcome new dealers, distributors and wholesalers inquiries, Our trained professional staff is ready to help you with all your questions. Save big and buy directly from the manufacturer so give us a call or email us for all your instruments needs.

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